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Listening to music 24/7. Other things.
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Music Moderation

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A musical bot with a Turkish language option. The coding process of our bot was started on July 20, 2020 at 10 a.m. We have reached a high number of people in this short period and have received positive returns. As a result of these rotations, new scripts are carefully selected and edited and added. In these additions, yes, we take samples from a few places because it helps us progress and develop a lot. To mention the contents of our boat;

Our boat, which is currently used as a musical boat, is slowly shifting towards entertainment, and I'm trying to turn it into a system where you can spend a little time. A few of these systems are what we need, a raffle system. With this system, it is easy and understandable to start the draw and re-withdraw if there is a mistake. Duel as another script, this system allows you to have a fun time and duel with a member.

One of the systems I like is the bot's speech system, the bot comes to your room and translates the sentence you want through Google translation and says it to you Aloud. Protection Status