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Your job easier by keeping logs!
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 Message Logger Commands prefix: msg!

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Moderation Fun

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The Message Logger bot will simplify your work on your server.

To access all the commands of our bot; msg!help


  • msg!log
  • msg!joinleave
  • msg!prefix
  • msg!help


  • msg!log adjust #channel = Keeps the log of deleted messages, edited on the server.
  • msg!log reset = Resets the channel you set.
  • msg!joinleave adjust #channel = It keeps the log of people joined in and leaved of the server.
  • msg!joinleave reset = Resets the channel you set.
  • msg!prefix = Replaces the prefix of the bot Example ; msg!prefix "new prefix"
  • msg!help = Shows all commands in the bot Protection Status