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Fully functional Music bot.
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 AIR MUSİC Commands prefix: .

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Music Fun

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Erays#9494 The End#1544


AIR BOT \ Help Menu : .help

.aliases | Show Command Aliases

.play | Play any song or playlist from youtube, you can do it by searching for a song by name or song url or playlist url.

.clear | Clears up the queue.

.pause | Pause the current playing song.

.resume | Resume the current paused song.

.leave | Leaves voice channel if in one.

.remove | Remove a specific song from queue by its number in queue.

.queue | Display the song queue.

.shuffle | Shuffle the song queue.

.skip | Skip the current playing song.

.skipall | Skip all songs in queue.

.skipto | Skip to a specific song in the queue, provide the song number as an argument.

.volume | Adjust song volume.

.music-trivia | Engage in a music trivia with your friends.

.loop | Loop the currently playing song.

.lyrics | Get lyrics of any song or the lyrics of the currently playing song.

.now-playing | Display the current playing song with a playback bar. Protection Status